The Steadfast VR Challenge (PC)

The Steadfast VR Challenge
The Steadfast VR Challenge
This is The Steadfast VR challenge, where victory is a futile endeavor. The best you can hope for is to last longer than your predecessors.
It’s a hybrid of fast paced, guns blazing, first person shooter action with the strategy and anxiousness of a tower defense.
The mindless but relentless enemy will stop at nothing until your base is destroyed. You’ll have to stop them before they can complete their objectives.
Their varying skills and armor will keep you on your toes while you struggle to keep your chessboard of traps and weapons armed and ready!
Strategically position turrets, landmines, machine gun nests and other weapons to utilize them to the best of their capabilities.
Marksmanship is a useful ally but failure to utilize the array of tools at your disposal will result in your early demise.

Do you have the skill, smarts and poise under pressure?
Are you up for the challenge...
The Steadfast VR Challenge?







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Marzo 21, 2018

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