Dough (PC)

As long as there is love and passion for life, there will be wonderful things happening.
This is a light interactive VR animated short film based on the way of storytelling. The story tells that the life of the Chef Lina working in the noodle shop is boring and very depressed, but with the occurrence of a wonderful and love something, her life has changed
Enter the city of the sky Floating Island tour of a dream to explore personally on the scene.

WeChat Public Number: 二毛动画

• Fallen petals lie in profusion of Floating Island
• Subdebutante tree boudoir
• Vivid small dancers
• Virtual reality version of “bad boss"
• Through the succulent plant jungle.

Friendly reminder:

1. when you play, you can walk freely in the mobile controller range, the need to pay attention to give yourself enough space of action to avoid collision.
2. stand to watch better.
3. experience class video, simple handle operation.


Ermao Animation


Ermao Animation


Steam Viveport

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Marzo 20, 2018

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