The Cosmotic Mission (PC)

The Cosmotic Mission
The Cosmotic Mission
Be the Commander on a solo mission to travel throughout the Cosmos. Your mission: collect newly discovered cosmotic energy from mysterious blue crystals.

This energy flows through the universe and bends space-time, allowing your ship to warp to faraway galaxies. Only an unmanned drone can gather this fragile energy.

Pilot your drone from inside the command station or from the exterior uber-vision. In the dark tranquility of space, hone your skills with omnidirectional navigation, time constraints and obstacles.

Plan your strategy to harvest the most energy, challenge yourself to get the fastest time and highest score. Earn stars by collecting energy to unlock your path throughout the Cosmos.

Get Early Access and be a part of the development with your insight and feedback. It includes multiple levels, and many more to come. Get it early, all at a reduced price.

Accept your mission, The Cosmotic Mission.







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