Coins Challenge (PC)

Coins Challenge is an free entertaining demo. It offers a collection of first person VR experiences in one application. Each experience will estimate your results and give you some amount of coins. The goal is to open safe by collecting coins and reveal its secret. This room is also playground with some interactable and destructible objects to play with. Locomotion is implemented as teleportation plus room scale walking.

Shurikens In this mini-game you need to eliminate dummy enemy by throwing sharp shurikens. It has different damage scores - body, neck, head.
Basketball Your goal is to throw balls into the basket during limited time. You can choose 3 levels of difficulty by adjusting distance to basket. The goal is to get as many scores as possible.
Bowling You have two attempts to get strike or spare. After that, you will get coins. So it`s actually limited version of bowling. Of course as ball you can use any interactable object in room.


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