SONAR - A Virtual Reality Experience (PC)

About the experience:
“Explore your surroundings and dive deep into an ancient cave system. Follow the drone and discover the horrific truth about the darkest of all places... “
SONAR is a new kind of cinematic entertainment, striking a balance between traditional movie making and interactive media.
The short film is a fully immersive, slow paced, 3D-360° computer-generated virtual reality experience at 4k resolution and 60fps.

About the production:
SONAR was created by Philipp Maas and Dominik Stockhausen at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany, during the summer term of 2014. The original score was written by Alexander Maas, who also did the sounddesign and mixing. Production started in May and finished at the end of July 2014.
The initial concept of a classical scifi-horror short in the cinemascope screening format was turned upside down as we got our hands on the Oculus Rift DK1.
Immediately hooked by the technology and its creative potential, we were eager to produce the first VR short film at the Filmakademie.
Advancing our workflow for VR productions, we updated the project in 2015 to high-resolution, omni-directional stereoscopic 3D and 60fps as well as spatial audio.
It was released shortly after our Sundance premiere in february 2016 on the Oculus GearVR Store and it is now coming to Google Daydream and SteamVR.


corto vídeo 360