The Path of Greatest Resistance - Body Tracking with Vive Trackers (PC)

The Path of Greatest Resistance now supports full-body tracking! For best results, use 3 Vive Trackers in addition to your controllers. You can also use just 2 Vive Trackers to only track your feet. Attach one tracker to the top of each shoe, and one on your back attached to your belt.Jog-in-Place Locomotion using Feet TrackingSince it's release, The Path of Greatest Resistance has included a "jog-in-place" locomotion mode. In the standard version of the game, "jogging" is detected primarily by head motion. Now with foot tracking available, you can walk or jog forward in the game just by stepping up and down with your feet.Don't like being active?If you don't feel like being that active, don't worry. You can still use the normal "on-rails" locomotion mode even with body tracking turned on.