The Midnight Sanctuary Demo (PC)

[This is a demo version]
Has the Saint of legend come to the mountain village of Daiusu to bring salvation... or to bring the end? An occult suspense story told through the new medium of a VR Novel. The newest title from CAVYHOUSE.

Hamomoru Tachibana comes to this isolated hamlet to help the village, once persecuted by the Shogunate for their Christian faith, record its history. Instead, she finds that the miracles of the Saint may not be just myth - nor might the Saint's second advent. And what role do "the Dead" play in this?...

The VR Novel is a new form for novel games. The player can, for the first time, experience events from the middle of the stage as the action happens all around them. Enjoy a world of dark folklore, drawn in a fantastical style!

[NOTE] Displayed language will change with OS settings. To change manually, press Shift+J in-game to switch to Japanese, and Shift+E to switch to English.


Carpe Fulgur




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