StarPlayerVR (PC)

Have you ever imagined to watch videos on a beach, on the surface of the moon,
in the center of a cemetery, or under the magnificent beauty of the aurora?
Now StarPlayerVR brings your imagination to the VR world!
With the most completed features, StarPlayerVR will make the best experience for you watching
your favorite movies in VR world.
Multiple fascinating scenery choices available.
Vive headgear's front camera supported. You are able to see the surrounding even with the headgear on.
Youtube HD supported
Youtube video detail page (displaying like/dislike counts, video length, description, and a list of relevant videos)
3D side-by-side stereoscopic and over-under stereoscopic video supported
360° video / 3D 360° video supported
Desktop Mode! Displaying your windows desktop in the VR cinema.

Video preview on progress slider
Video loop/repeat
Video A B point loop/repeat

Add video files/directory to your favorites
Played history (of course, you can clear it, so the videos of your special taste won't be discovered)
Ctrl + C the url of a youtube from outside, and comes in for an instant searching.
Ctrl + C the directory path from outside, and comes in for an instant local file browsing.
Able to adjust the screen's brightness / saturation / contrast / hue to your preference.
Curved screen, and you can adjust the curved angle to your preference.
Player is based on the VLC library, so the majority of formats are supported:
- 3GPP (.3gp), AVI (.avi), FLV (.flv), SWF (.swf), M4V (.m4v), Matroska (.mkv), Ogg Video (.ogg), QuickTime File Format (.mov, .qt), WebM (.webm), Windows Media Video (.wmv).






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Mayo 7, 2017

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