Real Helicopter Flight over Las Vegas - Close to the Strip (PC)

Nice VR experience and beautiful memories if you already were there or if not, gain experience as if you are there.
You get the impression to really be over Las Vegas.
Take that crazy 360 degree real helicopter flight over Vegas by night without leaving your home, even without leaving your couch!
You control the view in all directions during the flight. Turn your head, look up and down outside of the helicopter.

You have never seen this before.
This is the ultimate VR Experience ... frameless.

Thanks our software you get much better video quality as other 360 degree videos.
Flight time: 14 minutes.

There are no simulation all is real. It is a real helicopter flight.
You fly an extraordinary route, directly over the Strip and over the hotel skyscrapers. The normal tourist sightseeing flight routes are always far from the Strip and cost many times more than that great app-flight experience. The other normal tourist helicopter you can see on the horizon. If you have made such a tourist flight Las Vegas once, test the difference here.





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