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Space Draw
Space Draw
Space Draw
Space Draw
Space Draw
Space Draw Space Draw Space Draw Space Draw Space Draw

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Agosto 9, 2016

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Forma de juego

Space Draw is a drawing application published by LenQiy Team. In this game, the player is able to draw 3D stereograph casually in the virtual space.
Space Draw lowers the threshold to create, which helps us use our imagination better. Based on that, we are able to simulate all kinds of the creation of the real world.
You can draw any shapes in the virtual space. For example, you can draw a house in which you can decorate the wall, draw the wallpaper, even all kinds of furnishings. Then you can go outside and draw an apple tree, just like creating things in the real world.
If you are fond of drawing or interested in VR, it’s a good choice for you to get into Space Draw to experience unprecedented virtual world.
Operating Instructions
1. Select color with the laser pen and pull the trigger to draw.
2.Adjust the thickness of the brush with the disk.
3.Undo the last operation with the menu button.
4.Use the handle buttons on both sides to turn on the camera. Pull the trigger to take photos and the photos will be saved in the root directory SceneShot of the Space Draw.
Version Notes
Version 0.1- initial beta version
More improvements added in the following Version 0.2






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