Nightfall: Eclipse VR (PC)

Are you ready for the ultimate VR horror experience? Nightfall: Eclipse is a game that brings you back to the same mansion from Nightfall: Escape but this time, you get to explore it with a new crew and with full VR support!

Nightfall: Eclipse allows you to experience the horrors surrounding the disappearance of a news crew who once tried to explore the haunted mansion. This crew is one of the few casualties that were investigated by Ara Cruz in Nightfall: Escape. Know the true story, connect the missing links from the original game and prepare to meet an iconic creature face to face. Gather up your courage for this VR experience that will put you through scares and challenges which promises to be both an intense and satisfying game.

Experience the horror from the perspective of Rianne’s crew Enter the Tiyanak. An iconic monster from the Philippine folklore Astounding survival horror experience Complete VR support that takes horror to the next level


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