Naer (Quest)

Get into flow state with Naer – the Mixed Reality productivity app where colleagues collaborate in a truly hybrid, immersive workplace.

Set the timer and share ideas as fast as you can express them with telekinetic sticky notes. Your work merges directly into Miro, so you don’t have to worry about documentation.

Wherever you are, gather your team in one place, for fun, fast and intuitive workshops.

Stuff you can do in Naer
- Mixed Reality for co-located and hybrid workshops
- Talk to your sticky notes (no need for a keyboard, they’ll listen)
- Integrate with Miro in realtime
- Share your computer screen
- Be fast with telekinetic superpowers
- Smooth vector drawing
- Keep track with a workshop timer
- Adjust the time of day to set the mood
- Bring your Meta Avatar




Naer AS