Guardian Mage VR Demo (PC)

Guardian Mage VR Demo
Guardian Mage VR Demo
Hordes of bloodthirsty orcs are invading the kingdom again! Get ready to fight them back, because only you, using all the skills of battle magic, will be able to stop the invaders. Encounter the ingenious creations of goblins and the ancient magic of ogres-shamans. Fight in forests, mountains and deserts, defend city walls and raid enemy fortifications. Guardian Mage VR is a strategy game where you directly influence the course of the battle.

Rune Magic
Draw and combine ancient magical runes to summon the most powerful spells into the battle. Use the forces of the elements for your own purposes: freeze enemies and smash them with boulders. Burn your opponents with fire or beat them with precise ball lightning strikes. Crush the losers with a meteorite!

Organization of Defense
Place defensive turrets on the battlefield. For example, rapid-firing machine guns will perfectly cope with lightly armored targets, and long-range ballistas will eliminate the most dangerous of them. Build outposts to recruit troops and support allies, organize the production of resources needed in battle. React to changes in enemy tactics by moving your defenses to new positions.

Using the Environment
Throw their own weapons at your enemies, pre-strengthening it with your magic, use abandoned equipment: dwarven bombs are perfect for eliminating large enemy groups, and goblin mobile turrets will strengthen the defense.

Regular Upgrades
Unlock new magic runes and their combinations. Improve spells, endowing them with new properties, capture ancient magical artifacts and subdue their guards.


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