VR Tablet PC (PC)

A feed back system that visually changes a part of the pen according to the distance between the pen tip and the display surface helps VR users to draw or write more precisely and quickly.
A function to selectively enlarge the touch area of the display has been added, because it is difficult to sufficiently recognize the tablet-sized display in virtual reality at the current technology level.
The virtual keyboard can be moved on the display and is semi-transparent or almost transparent,
so that the user can see the display and the keyboard at the same time, preventing the VR user from losing concentration due to distraction when typing.
An auto positioning function of the virtual keyboard has been added so that when the user types on the keyboard, the rotational attitude of the display and the virtual keyboard position are automatically adjusted to maintain the optimal typing state according to the VR user's hmd position.
Make it clear that this app is for entertainment, not work!


Kim Yong Bum


VR Tablet PC



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Diciembre 24, 2021

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