Medical Assisting Clinical Suite (Professional) (Quest) (APP LAB)

Intended for medical assisting students and working professionals seeking a skills refresher, the Medical Assisting Clinical Suite (Professional) is clinical training in an immersive health care setting that teaches you how to prepare for, setup, document, and perform 33 clinical skills procedures common to the CMA/RMA/NCMA/CCMA/CMAC Certification Exams. This is a permanent education license, providing unlimited practice ‘anytime-anywhere’, immediate feedback, analytics, and guided, expert, and exam modes to check progress and build confidence.
A certificate of completion is available upon successful completion of all exam modes.
Immersive learning is a paradigm shift that is already underway in healthcare education, where leading research shows that learners acquire clinical skills more rapidly, with fewer errors, and retain learned skills longer through immersive learning experiences.