The Emirates VR Experience (PC)

Are you ready to experience the most immersive flight experience available on land?

Emirates is excited to welcome you on board our state-of-the art aircrafts, the Boeing 777 and A380.

Once you’re settled, it’s time to explore and navigate your way freely around the aircraft.

Discover the high standards and perks of economy, before making your way to first and business class.

Here, you’ll find yourself immersed in the luxury and convenience of our most exclusive products and services. Everything around you is part of the interactive experience: pick up a menu at the bar and browse the delicious meals; relax in your own premium first-class seat; pop on your headphones and choose a film from the widescreen; and why not hop in the shower in the privacy of your personal bathroom?

And if you want complete relaxation and peace, there’s no place quite like our business-class pods. Stretch out on your reclining seat, slide the door shut, and admire the most impressive view in the sky.


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