Baalbek Reborn: Temples (Android)

Take a virtual tour of the Roman temples in Baalbek, Lebanon. See today’s ruins on the World Heritage site and travel back to see its ancient splendor digitally restored. Hear explanations of the experts of the German Archaeological Institute. Learn about the sanctuary’s ancient and post-antique design and use. Marvel at some of the finest examples of ancient Roman architecture in the Near East. Visit one of the best-preserved Roman temples—the so-called Temple of Bacchus. See a recreation of the Temple of Jupiter, one of the biggest shrines in the entire empire. Go atop its roof to see the dramatic view. Explore a plaza rivaling in grandeur the fora in Rome. Learn how the granite used in the sanctuary was brought all the way from Egypt and how the Temple of Jupiter is in part built of the largest stones ever quarried in human history. Virtual tourism and virtual time travel combine to bring ancient Baalbek back to life so you can appreciate this unique gem of art and architecture.


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Baalbek Reborn: Temples (PC)