Help Club (Quest) (APP LAB)

Find your own happier place—with Help Club! Our built-for-wellness worlds give you unlimited access to a social VR mental health peer support community.

After passing a short screening, you’ll be able to join peer-led groups that follow a groundbreaking form of group intervention called Cognitive Behavioral Immersion™. This peer-led group approach gives users unlimited access to potentially life-changing mental health help. These event-based group sessions focus on issues that are important to users. They aren’t led by therapists or doctors—in fact, anyone can train to become a helper and begin to make an impact in the lives of others.

Help Club utilizes the immersive nature of the VR ecosystem to help users defy distance and the physical constraints of the real world, transporting them to their own happier place.

It’s affordable. Accessible. And totally anonymous.


Very Real Help


Very Real Help