Music Sphere (PC)

Music Visualizer, a new way of network to listen to music. Enjoy music in VR space easily by bringing streaming music lists such as YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud. You can listen to music in VR space with a few clicks. Visualizer will complete your music when you place the Sphere on Music Station. You can ease your mind by interacting with graphical natural features such as moving rain and snow, aurora, fountains, fish and butterflies depending on the music you listen to.

Share your music and experiences with other users through network. Come into the space of music to experience together, not listen to alone. Matchmaking with the people who has similar feeling with you is available depending on the color of sphere you select. Of course, you can just call up some like-minded people to listen to music. Decide the next music to listen to with Voice Chat.

*Not available Spotify and SoundCloud now
*Need YouTube Authenication for accessing to your playlists


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SurReal Round



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Noviembre 12, 2020

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