Sharecare YOU VR (PC)

Experience the human body like never before!

Sharecare YOU VR provides you a never seen experience into the Human Body that allows you to better visualize, understand and interact with the Human Body.

Sharecare YOU VR is not a boring anatomy app, or simple 2D video demonstration, it is a fully immersive and interactive 360 experience you have to try for yourself!Sharecare YOU VR is the successor to the award-winning Sharecare VR 2017 and includes:Thousands of organ structures and systems to explore
A growing library of content and videos including anatomy, physiology, conditions, and treatments
Informative labels and contextual information with voice-over pronunciation
Upgraded interactive tools and functionality to dissect, handle, customize and explore each organ in 360 degrees
Compatibility with all major VR headsets
We’re not stopping here! We’re hard at work adding to YOU’s vast library of organs, systems, scenes and abilities, with more to come soon!Who should download Sharecare YOU VR:
Students who want a deeper understanding of the human body
Educators who want to create more memorable and effective learning materials
Health Care Professionals looking for better Patient Education Materials specifically in Cardiology, Pulmonology & Primary Care
Digital Agencies looking for amazing graphics of the human body
Gamers looking to experience what best in class VR experience look like
AND anyone else passionate about learning about their body, health and how it works!
Our Mission at Sharecare VR is to empower the world to better understand your body and health.

Interested in Sharecare YOU for desktop? Find it here!




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