vSpatial (Quest)

vSpatial brings your workspace to the Quest. Get an individual monitor for each Windows 10 application you have and interact with it just like you would on your PC. Access any of your Windows 10 apps on your Quest headset whether it be your favorite browser, professional working tools, music streaming apps, design tools, or whatever Windows 10 app you choose. Then invite others to collaborate with you and share and draw on each others screens.

-Safe and secure remote desktop and virtual machine support
-Bluetooth mouse and keyboard support that works with all your applications and the vSpatial user interface
-Peer to Peer connections that let's your bring your contacts into your space with avatars and lets your share and draw on whatever screens/ applications you want
-Multi-task by surrounding yourself with multiple apps and windows
-Jump into "focus" mode and really hone in on one screen and make it as big as you'd want/ need
-Scroll through and adjust the size of the app rings




vSpatial Inc.



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