GizmoVR Video Player (Android)

Get your hands on GizmoVR - the best of vr apps with a pro level virtual reality video player!
Get the best and most immersive VR POV from the only player truly capable of displaying fully encompassing 360° VR experiences!
GizmoVR offers you a robust set of features:
❶ Integrated browser;
❷ Support of all stereo video formats: 2D/360°/180°;
❸ Media library;
❹ Playback from YouTube;
❺ Integrated download manager;
❻ Automatic pause if headset removed;
❼ Cinematic mode (curved or flat screen);
❽ Eye-control in the hands-free mode;
VR Headset you choose is actually less important than the player software.
GizmoVR is the next era virtual reality movie player offering an entirely integrated browser.
Enjoy free VR 360 videos from YouTube.
With its own built-in Download Manager you can organize your downloaded VR.
GizmoVR is the only App capable of providing you with award-winning clarity, convenience, and care.







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