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    17 Jun 2014 19:51

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    Oculus Go
    MaximVR » 17 ENE 2015  16:19



    He visto este podcast en la web entervr.net/ que me ha parecido muy interesante por las preguntas que se le hacen.




    Adjunto el listado de temas que se tratan en el podcast para que os podáis hacer una mejor idea:


    4:20- Intro. What is Virtual Desktop.


    6:20 Why view your desktop with the Rift in the first place?


    8:00 The most requested feature for Virtual Desktop?


    9:30 Can the Rift be a good monitor replacement?


    10:20 The system requirements for virtual desktop.


    11:00 How does virtual desktop work?


    12:40 Guy’s background before creating virtual desktop.


    14:00 Why Guy decided to develop for VR in the first place? How the Facebook deal influenced Guy.


    16:40 What resolution is the Crescent Bay screen?


    17:40 What would it mean for Virtual Desktop if CV1 shipped with an above 1080p screen?


    20:00 Could virtual desktop be brought over to Android with Gear VR?


    23:20 What are Guy’s goals for the next couple of years with Virtual Desktop?


    24:30 Creating interface standards for virtual reality experiences.


    30:00 The things virtual desktop can do that your regular screen can’t.Will keyboard and mouse be the way of the future for interfacing with computers? How long before we start using something else?


    31:00 The target audience for virtual desktop.Will Windows 10 implement VR features in the future? Will Virtual Desktop run better on Windows 10?


    33:00 Will Direct X12 be a big leap from 11? Unexpected lessons when developing with VR in mind? Will developing for VR become harder or easier to learn in the future?


    35:00 The disadvantages vs advantages of coding VR Desktop in C sharp.


    36:20 How complete is virtual desktop right now? What features can you expect to have when Virtual Desktop launches.


    38:00 What will Guy do if VR takes off? How much would he sell Virtual Desktop for?


    40:00 The problems/bugs that are breaking Guy’s balls the hardest?


    43:20 What does it mean when something is hardware accelerated?


    45:00 How big can Virtual Desktop get?


    45:30 Navigating your PC with your voice with Virtual Desktop?


    50:00 Are we inside a simulation? How would Guy feel if he found we were in situation. Can Guy prove to me that we are not in a simulation?


    53:00 Where does the convergence of current technologies lead humanity as the future happens.


    54:00 Will we ever run out of technology growth?


    56:00 At what point will virtual reality technology reach a plateau?


    60:00 What are the obstacles left to conquer for virtual reality to become mainstream?


    1:04:00 Sharing Virtual Desktop with multiple people at once. Turning Virtual Desktop. Dealing with the diversity of hardware in the PC market.


    1:06:40 Creating a Virtual Desktop port for Mac?


    1:08:00 Will Virtual Desktop ever be open sourced?


    1:10:00 Pros and Cons of going open sourced vs. closed?


    1:11:00 Using Guy’s Wrapper to get the Oculus SDK from C++ to C sharp.


    1:12:00 Advice from Guy for Novice developers.


    1:13:00 Advice from Guy for non-developers. How to get shit done.


    1:14:30 Is there a way to browse the web virtual desktop?


    1:16:00 Is Guy a dog or cat person?


    1:18:20 What about VR is Guy most looking forward to when the technology reaches the mainstream.


    1:21:00 Programming in VR?


    1:23:00 How to fix the issue of foggy lenses with HMDs?
    Putting of liquid nitrogen inside the Rift.


    1:24:00 What will be worst. the patent troll lawsuits or customers getting injured lawsuits?


    1:28:00 Will we ever see the Metaverse in our lifetimes?


    1:32:00 What happened to computer processors why have they slowed down lately? Will this slow down the progress of virtual reality?


    1:42:00 Why did Guy create virtual desktop? Would Guy still create Virtual Desktop if people did not respond to it positively?


    1:45:00 Will we have to get used to the hivemind phenomena for the rest of our lives ?


    1:47:00 Closing thoughts. How to follow Guy.

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  • Neoskynet

    13 Ago 2014 16:39

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    HP Reverb
    Neoskynet » 19 ENE 2015  12:05

    Muchas gracias por la info.


    Virtual Desktop es una de mis preferidos. Hice pruebas para conseguir que funcionara una XBOX360 y fue genial. Aquí te dejo los que hice:


    Yo creo que a Virtual Desktop se le puede sacar muchísimo más partido, tal y como hablamos en el hilo que te he puesto.



    * Nuestro cerebro es un sistema de simulación que virtualiza todo lo que capta del exterior.

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