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  • oldsysop

    21 Jul 2013 11:34

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    oldsysop » 5 MAR 2019  17:22

    Virtual Reality
    – A form of nVidia’s simultaneous multi-projection, named Single Pass Stereo (SPS), has been added to help optimize VR rendering. SPS allows the Simulator to render the scene for one eye, and then GPU, via shaders and SPS, create the image for the other eye, without the Simulator needing to submit the entire scene a second time. This reduces the CPU load of the rendering thread and increases the frame rate, especially for the largest and most complex scenes when the frame rate would be lowest.
    – – SPS requires a supporting nVidia GPU with a newer device driver installed. GTX1000 and GTX2000 series GPUs, with device drivers after v390 support it. The option is called “SPS” on the Graphics Options screen, and it will be enabled by default if your device driver reports that your GPU supports it. If the SPS option is disabled in the Graphics Options screen, and you have a supported GPU, try a newer device driver.

  • _C__

    6 Ene 2016 19:18

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    HTC Vive
    Pimax 5K
    Pimax 8K X
    Samsung Odyssey
    HP Reverb
    Valve Index
    HP Reverb G2
    Pico 4
    Meta Quest 3
    _C__ » 5 MAR 2019  22:55

    Esta bien que vayan usando las técnicas y recurso de hardware disponibles para mejorar el rendimiento.


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