Pluto (PC)

Pluto is creating a new way for humanity to connect from anywhere in the world. Today’s communication technologies (phone, text, video chat) don’t provide the sense of face-to-face presence and shared understanding that comes from being able to see each other’s reactions and body language in real time.

With Pluto, you can call and chat with friends while in any SteamVR application. Stay connected while using individual or multi-person apps.

Spend time with trusted friends and contacts even when you’re not in the same physical (or virtual) location. Download the app, create your own contacts list on Pluto, and stay connected to the people you care about who use VR.

Call and chat with existing contacts in VR
Stay connected while using individual or multi-person apps
Get into multiplayer games together or start at the same time
Talk with friends during loading screens and other key moments
Make art while connected to other people and share your Tilt Brush sketches (Requires Tilt Brush)
Access your contacts list and make connections through the Pluto Dashboard Overlay


Pluto VR


Pluto VR