International Space Station Tour VR (PC)

Have you ever looked into the sky and wondered how would it be to live there?

For thousands of years’ people have been wondering about vast universe. The outer space gave humanity the force to explore and move beyond imagination. It stimulates our creativity and gives us the strength to progress our civilization.

The House of Fables connected two impressive achievements of mankind - the virtual reality and International Space Station into one amazing exploratory adventure with the comfortability of your couch.

Join the most mind-blowing journey into one of the biggest, most advanced “miracle” build by the human beings.

Dive into the amazing stories of people, who have lived on the biggest achievement of outer space exploration since Armstrong’s steps on the Moon.

Experience the International Space Station as same as Samantha Cristoforetti from European Space Agency, who have been responsible for high-quality pictures, which you are about to admire.

Sit back, boost your VR headset, say “Goodbye” to the planet Earth and “Good morning” to the adventure on International Space Station.

International Space Station and take the Tour in VR give you those amazing possibilities from the coziness of your home, and for free!

• The ability to watch International Space Station movies while virtually inside the Station
• A completely free, immersive experience of being an astronaut working on ISS

This experience is created by The House of Fables. ESA is not an author of the application. ESA holds all rights for photos and videos used.

The software is available also on Windows Store and Mixed Reality headsets. More to come soon.


The House of Fables