Scary House (Android)

Scary House
Scary House
Best addictive VR (Virtual Reality) horror games for those who love to take a challenge to enter into a haunted house for a treasure hunt in short period.
VR scary house of the wood far away from any civilization and habitat. The goal is to find a key in a scary and haunted house and reach to treasure room of ancestral wealth and then a there find a key of a treasure box.
Being unaware of its haunted nature as soon as you enter the home, you begin with experiencing an invisible frightening you.
Though, despite learning the dubious nature of the haunted home, you have to continue a search for the key and roam around one room to another or floor.
With escaping from the ghost attack, you have to reach into the treasure room and bring back treasure in short period.

Feature of Game
• Scary atmosphere
• High-quality music
• Treasure hunt with escaping from number of ghosts
• Two-floor scary house with number of rooms
• Gorgeous graphics and different themed rooms.
• Many Others


Apay (Atmegame)