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Febrero 12, 2018

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Forma de juego

"NewTypes" is a simulation game of virtual spacecraft.

On physics simulation, you pilot a simple spacecraft (like a handcrafted kart) with thrusters, and get experienses of free flight in space.

Riding a customized or self-made spacecraft, play dogfight and racing in space. (in development)

For an overview of development, see the following guide.

Features (Early Access)

  • VR(HTC Vive) version and non VR version included.
  • Steam controller configuration supported.
  • You can fly freely in space of beautiful stars.
  • The real star map is simulated.
  • You can do training of shooting targets with missiles.
  • An example scenery is initially set.
  • It is possible to load scenery to your own made with Blender.
  • Includes 3D models for Blender.
  • You can play your favorite music for BGM.

Roadmap for V1.0


Masahiro Suzuki


Masahiro Suzuki




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