A Most Curious Murder (Android)

A Most Curious Murder
A Most Curious Murder
As you walk through the dark corridors you get a feeling that this might not have been such a good idea after all, but there is no turning back now. You need to figure out a way to get access to the computers, your friend is convinced they house the surveillance videos of the murder night. But will that be enough? Your intuition tells you that there must also be evidence items from the murder scene somewhere in the police station that the police has overlooked.

"It's a wonderfully elegant idea, and in practice it works really well." - Pocket Gamer

“Immediately atmospheric” – The Virtual Report

“innovative locomotion system drew universal praise” – The Virtual Report

A Most Curious Murder is a fully interactive detective game were you need to puzzle together evidence about what has happened and gradually unfold the story leading up to the murder.
The game has an innovative locomotion system and is best played standing as you move around in the police station by walking on the spot.


Impact Unified


Simon Hultgren