Azul - Mindfulness and Relaxation (Android)

Azul - Mindfulness and Relaxation
Azul - Mindfulness and Relaxation
Azul is a VR experience designed to relax and refocus the mind. Our simple, guided meditations are designed to reduce stress and anxiety, increase creativity and efficiency, and promote high level health and wellness.
Be transported to 6 beautiful, rich 360 scenes including:
- Watsons Bay
- Candle
- Alpine plain
- Cliffside
- Rocky lake
- Summit
*Additional scenes will be available to purchase in the future.
Our guided voice meditations are:
Calming – A meditation to calm your nerves and re-centre emotions
Confidence – Increase your self-confidence with this empowering meditation
Breathing – Focus on your breathing with this relaxing mindfulness exercise
Choose to complement your experience with unobtrusive ambient music. This soundscape also includes directional audio to immerse you in the scene.


The Pulse


The Pulse