In the Cloud: VR Afterlife Gear (Android)

In the Cloud: VR Afterlife Gear
In the Cloud: VR Afterlife Gear
An early dev interface lights up. We are up in an early build of CLOUD Inc., the groundbreaking tech that allows the user to upload their consciousness to digital permanence. The soothing voice of Theo welcomes us as he materializes as a point-cloud hologram. He speaks about the technology which allowed him to map the human brain. He shows us a picture of the departed Doc Wolfe, his mentor, a man who gave his life to the research.

After introducing the CLOUD and the possibility of uploading your consciousness he pivots:

“But what about the journey? What we found is that DMT is a particularly important part of the process. This is a chemical our brains release the moment we are born and the moment we die. Some say it’s the GOD chemical. The closest thing we achieved to simulating this process is what you are about to experience. We call it AFTERLIFE [+]”

When he finishes the speech the screens fade and we are left in a dark limbo with a slim, but infinitely tall, crack of light.


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