DwarVRs (PC)

DwarVRs is a tower defense game built from the ground up with virtual reality in mind, balancing strategic elements of typical TD games with first person perspective controls utilizing tracked controllers.

Buy and upgrade your defenses to stop waves of enemies. Choose your targets and upgrades wisely to combat different combinations of opponents with multiple special abilities. Observe the action from above to reposition your defenses in real time or take control of them directly for added performance and fun.

Defense upgrade system - multiple upgrades allowing you to tailor each defense to your needs while adding effects like explosions, freezing, or the silencing of enemy casters.
3 difficulty levels to let you familiarize yourself with the game or to experiance a truely difficult challenge
3 different and unique towers each with a custom set of mechanics designed for VR motion controls (soon 4)
0ver 10 different enemy types with unique mechanics
2 perspectives - A strategic view that allows you to plan your defense or a first person action view from the perspective of your defenses - With the ability to switch between the two seamlessly
A scoring system allowing you to compete with your friends and others onlineIn the near future:
online leaderboards
Steam achievements
additional maps
additional defenses
your ideas


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Febrero 1, 2018

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