Recreational Dreaming (PC)

Recreational Dreaming
"a sleepwalking simulator"

Recreational Dreaming is a chill, casual game in which you explore pretty places and shoot at glowing, tingly things.


A giant TV falling from the sky
Big fishes being dopes
The Respooling of Wooden Objects
1 Glowing Pink Giant Hawk
Cozy Cabin
Hundreds of great words to chew on
Hundreds of paper airplanes in bombing formation
Hundreds, also, of numbers
Your own flashlight and camera
An underwater swimming pool
Aurora Borealis
House-sized psychedelic anemone
Poppable ceramic bulbs
Room of Gems that Each Seems to Glow with a Shared Inner Light
Knockable Marble Columns
A mysterious cave mouth growing in the face of a cliff
Bubbles, various
Snowflakes, various
Living paint, various
Summoning the ghost of a mountain range
Opening a void through which a massive undulating sphere is born
"I Ching Chamber"
My sofa
A sunrise
Stingrays that won't hurt you
Nice tunes
The transubstantiation of material into solid light
No bad consequences for your actions
No bad consequences for your inactions
The flutter of cherry blossoms through thin mist from a nearby waterfall
Bumbling magma balls to lead you through the earth
Etc., etc.

Simple to play, essentially peaceful, friendly.




Donald Dunbar Ryan Donaldson



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