Terracotta character (PC)

"Qin Terracotta character" as a realm of Sichuan Province Zhenrushijie Technology Co., Ltd. as a highlight of products of the Qin and Han Dynasties and Three Kingdoms culture VR Series, the depth of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses figuring its own brilliant colors before the excavation, the experience can do it yourself, the color terracotta repair , Will have been completely oxidized Terracotta figures different parts of the restoration, including China Blue, China Purple and several other colors of the primary colors can also be based on their own imagination and preferences of color and creation.

In later versions will be realized on the preservation of painting works, through the protection of the password and to come, modify and delete works. At the same time set the administrator password, you can delete all the stored works, but the modification can only be protected by the unique password for each work. Of course, these passwords can also be modified.

Operating Guide:
Walk by pressing and releasing the right handle trackpad(thumbstick);
Open and close the UI panel by pressing and releasing the Grip button on the left handle;
By pressing the Trigger button on the right handle for toning and button clicks and holding the pressed state to draw the terracotta warriors and horses;



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