Guns and Notes (PC)

Guns and Notes
Guns and Notes
Imagine that you are the best music producer in the world.
You are currently producing “The best of" - album of your favorite band.
As always, you want to get the perfect sound. One replay, second, third and...
That's it - you have enough of this and pull out two charged pistols and start to fire furiously with all the loudspeakers around you!!!

Now just do it:
1. Start Guns & Notes
2. Choose one of the three available recording studios
- Classic
- Rock
- Electronic
3. Load your favorite song
4. Do your best!!!

Do you want to compete with other players around the world?
Choose one of the three available songs in your studio and shoot your record!!!

And don't worry if you don't have musical hearing - it's not a music game so you do not have to be a musician :)


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