exVRience Theme Park (Android)

exVRience Theme Park
exVRience Theme Park
STAGE 1 NOW OPEN - 5 rides included in your VIP unlimited rides pass !

Visit a theme park from the comfort of your own home

Choose from 5 included rides

Ghost Mine - Race through a mine on a mine cart and watch out for those pesky ghosts.
Dragon Dome - Fly around a castle on a broom stick and defeat a dragon.
SuperHero - Get your costume ready. Fly around a city and save the world from a giant space bug.
Splashdown - Hop in our brand new JetSub underwater coaster, fly around canyons and explore ocean depths.
Glide - Take a relaxing hang glider flight around floating islands, hot air balloons and through clouds.

Park Central is where all the action happens which is also interactive so take time to look around between rides. There is even a bubble gun to play with.

The park has 3D sound so headphones as well as a controller are highly recommended.

Rides are being constantly enhanced so appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

Enjoy your exVRience in the park!