Sling King (PC)

Sling King
Sling King
Are you a king with your slingshot ? The best of the world ?

Test yourself with this fun game, with 4 different modes!

1. Attack'em:
Are you able to resist the big monster in the factory ? He wants you dead and sends his little monsters towards you to end your life. But if you are fast enough you might be able to defend yourself by shooting them with your slingshot. Dip your ball in the right colour and shoot!

2. Hit'em:
Search for the target little monster and shoot him as quick as you can. Are you the fastest of the world ? Well, prove it then!

3. Bowl'em
Have you ever visited a bowling centre that allows you to use your slingshot to shoot the pins? But here, you do get that chance! Shoot as many pins as possible!

4. Throw'em
Slingshot the ball into the basket to score.Prove that you can score a ton of points, hold your nerves, be precise, resist the pressure and become the king of the court!


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