The Scent of Summer (PC)

This is a short story of a boy and girl in elementary school 6th grade in Japan. You can experience to go back home from school with a girlfriend who goes the same cram school in the early summer evening. Special things don't happen but you can experience being with a girlfriend in a sentimental atmosphere of dusk.

Sae Kodama and you are 6th grade in elementary school. They have different classes in school, but they go to the same cram school and together there. Though they are interested in each other, they can't tell it because they are too young and have never felt such a feeling before. They feel sad that they are going to different school.

・Special Thanks

-3D Models
「20『Tetora Kurakake』Kai」Torahaze
「Haruto Yamanashi」Mukara
「Uchiki v0.40 (Summer)」Miyou
「Middle aged set for mob」Monozof
「Bicycle (Cocotte)」Gekou
「Name tag set」Asanu
「Star earrings」Mae
「Realistic indoor shoes」Nyantarox
「Backpack (Rin Kokonoe)」Kakomiki

「Clock Hands」MoppySound
「Straw hat&memories in summer」MoppySound
「button01b」Taira Komori
「running in a hall」Taira Komori
「running in a house2」Taira Komori
「one point 09」Maou Damashii
「Ki no zawameki」On-Jin
「Walking on asphalt1」Sound Effect Lab
「Walking on gravel」Sound Effect Lab
「Walking in school corrider」Sound Effect Lab
「City Road」Sound Effect Lab
「Summer Mountain1」Sound Effect Lab

「Walk Run Skip 3.0」Susuki

「Screen Fader」eVRydayVR

「Armed Lemon」Millimeter
「Tanuki Yusei Magic」Tanuki Zamurai
「Holiday-MDJP03」Maniackers Design
「Mikachan Font」Mikachan







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