VR Duck Hunting (Android)

VR Duck Hunting
VR Duck Hunting
Long time no travel? Now you can enjoy an extremely adventurous travel without moving any centimeters out of your house. VR Duck Hunting will teleport you to various places in primitive time. Be a real primitive duck hunter, hunt all the year round and immerse in wonderful sceneries: spring in peaceful grassland, summer in vast ocean, autumn in wooden forest and winter in snowy lake with VR Duck Hunting.

Your mission is to shoot as many ducks as possible. Your weapons are 9 (and still counting) guns of different types. Up to 3 ducks can be shot in a time.

There are 2 modes available: Normal and Arcade mode.
You can play normally in normal mode or race with time, 60 seconds each session only in arcade mode. In this mode, ducks appear and disappear at high speed, much more duck on the sky at the same time. Shoot fairy ducks for surprising effects and rewards.
Now achieve all best scores and be a real, skillful duck hunter in virtual reality!


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