Waffle (Android)

Sup? Come on down to Waffle and immerse yourself in an animated universe full of sunburnt ice cream cones, aquatic karaoke and literal star parties. We’re serving up new eps of bizarre and hilarious VR comedy series every week. You may even recognize some voices from stuff like Veep, The Mick, Bob’s Burgers, Children's Hospital etc. Need more info? No prob. We've got...

Water Bear - The first animated VR series (humblebrag?)! A classic fish-out-of-water tale about a bear in the water. This bear fell off a party boat, realized he could live underwater and decided to stick around, make some friends and play some bocce.

Dessert Island - Fred and Conan are stranded on a tropical island. Also, one’s a chocolate bar and one’s an ice cream cone. Savor their tale of confectionery in crisis.

All Star Party - It's the #1 party in the Universe. At this exact second, literally everyone who matters is either there or trying to get in. Be part of something REAL. Give in to FOMO. Join the party.








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