Phantom - Lost (PC)

Phantom - Lost
Phantom - Lost
LOST is an interactive music experience made for virtual reality. Be surrounded by the music, watch the visuals it creates - and interact with them.

Mixing volumetric captured video of the band with sound reactive, generative and interactive visual effects, LOST lets you experience Phantom’s music and performance in 3D VR space as the song comes to life around them and you.
Become the conductor through the Oculus Touch Controllers, directing the visuals - or just sit back and let the music run the the show for you.

A collaboration between Finnish band PHANTOM, renowned motion designer ZEBRACOLOR and NOTCH - the real-time creative tool for interactive motion graphics, VR and live visuals - LOST lets you experience the combination of music and virtual reality in a whole new way.







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Enero 11, 2018

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