Explore the cosmos... in virtual reality!
See the solar system with your own eyes...
Walk around the galaxy...
And witness the very structure of our universe!

OVERVIEW is a 30 minutes real-time immersive astronomy experience that will take your breath away and leave you filled with awe...

Produced by virtual reality experts Orbital Views in partnership with the French Astronomy Association, and powered by the SpaceEngine framework based on accurate data from space agencies and institutes around the world, OVERVIEW is a fascinating fact-based documentary that will make you experience for yourself our position in the Cosmos.

OVERVIEW is not a 360 movie: it is a real-time narrative experience, and you will be able to walk around planets, stars, nebulae and even galaxies! This is a great way to learn about astronomy: experience it, and you will, at last, get a solid grasp of astronomical distances and scales!

First, you will learn about our solar system and its planets... Then you will travel beyond, to other stars and nebulae inside our galaxy the Milky Way... Finally, you will contemplate the Milky Way from an outside point of view, and learn about the rest of the Universe that surrounds us...

Take a deep breath, and prepare to be enlightened!

1 - Earth
2 - Solar system
3 - Planets
4 - Saturn
5 - Milky Way
6 - Beyond


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