A VRy Merry Experience (Android)

A VRy Merry Experience
A VRy Merry Experience
A VRy Merry Experience’s musical soundtrack moves you through the eyes of the Clauses. Spatial Soundscapes capture and enhance the magical ambience of the north pole with subtle whooshes, gentle wind, tinkles and fire crackles in special and engulfing 360 spaces.

Ch. 1 The First Snowfall: Music by Gwen Stefani - Delicate brushstrokes and deep textures, evolve into strong imagery.
Ch. 2 The Yearning: Music by One Republic - A young bride full of hopes and dreams of their future
Ch. 3 The Giving: Music by The Jackson 5 - Colorful lights and flowing candlelight.
Ch. 4 The Adaptation: Music by Mary J. Blige - Christmas is celebrated lavishly by different families around the world.
Ch. 5 The Salvation: Music by Oliver - An incandescent dystopian future run by robots.
Ch. 6 The Infinite Featuring The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga - Surprising larger-than-life celebration of Christmas around the globe.
Hop on with CEEK VR and see the making of Christmas from a whole new perspective.







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