The Dream Clinic (Android)

The Dream Clinic
The Dream Clinic
"FullDive MANGA: The Dream Clinic"

An ultimate immersive reading experience based on the concept of "VR x Manga."
It is a VR manga in which the readers immerse the world of the story as if they become a main character. All characters are fully voiced by high-profile voice actors so that the readers can also enjoy FullDive MANGA like audio books. There are two viewer types.

"The Dream Clinic"
One day, an innocent little girl, Miki (CV. Aoi Yuki) who has been troubled with nightmares gets a strange flyer. The flyer guides her into the dream. There are dream clinics run by tapirs who loves dreams. Miki courageously gets into the one with the old sign and meets Notte (cv. Hanae Natsuki). He keeps Miki’s nightmare but he doesn’t seem to eat it. Notte just meaningfully smiles. And then they step into Miki’s nightmare again.

Scary dreams. Dreams you do not want to see. And “dreams you do not want to forget". Have you had a "nightmare" that you do not want to forget?


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MyDearest Inc.