Train Runner VR (PC)

NEW! Train Runner VR™ is an original, family-friendly game that immerses you in a magical world where you become the hero who bravely rescues the lovable puppy, Panda. It will take cleverness, nerves of steel and all the courage you can muster to save Panda and return him back to Kaley, his owner. The objective of Train Runner is to rescue Panda by defeating the train with a medieval bow and a flaming arrow and a ballista that launches a variety of explosive projectiles such as flaming cannonballs! After the train is finally defeated, you can explore the amazing world of Train Runner and all the surprises and wonder that it has to offer.

Have fun by discovering the FREE surprises that await you in Train Runner's Mystery Box! Your Mystery Box is regularly refreshed!

Train Runner VR will give you hours of entertainment value and fun! Discover new ways to rescue Panda and enjoy new original musical scores written specifically for Train Runner. If you have any questions or issues with playing Train Runner, please contact us. We've got you covered!

Key Features

Be a hero and rescue Panda from railroad tracks that cross a 500-foot bridge!
Kid-friendly entertainment the whole family will enjoy.
Defeat the train by using the Bow and Arrow and Ballista that can be found on the platforms near the tracks.
See what’s in the Mystery Box! It contains FREE surprises for you.
Your Mystery Box is regularly refreshed with something exciting and new.
Game Tutorial and Help available in 6 languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese).
Destroy all the cars, including the locomotive and coal car and see what happens!
After you save Panda, explore the amazing world of Train Runner. Walk down the tracks, discover the cave up the hill, or fire your ballista at the barrels of TNT!
A VR-only game!


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