Derora (PC)

Designed solely for VR, Derora is a captivating puzzle game and competitive climbing experience where every play-through is different.

Set in a mystical rainforest, you play as a baby bird whose egg has somehow fallen from its nest. Confused, alone and not yet able to fly, all seems lost. Your only option is to start the long ascent through the dense forest and get back to your nest.

Create your own path through an immersive world, using mysterious glowing spores to aid your journey through each rainforest level. Discover hidden secrets, learn new ways to climb and go on an epic adventure set in a surreal rainforest world. Early Access features;
- Unique play through every time – Create your own unique path by throwing and scattering the cubes at random.
- 4 immersive forest environments – With Early Access you can unlock 4 distinct and beautifully crafted rainforest environments to explore, each with unique features and gameplay.
- Timed levels with global leader boards – Beat your friends times and compete globally to race through the rainforest.
- Evolving soundtrack that reacts to player position – Atmospheric and reactive, our stunning soundtrack adds a new dimension to your gameplay experience. HTC Vive controls Movement on ground - Press trackpads and swing arms
Interact / Grab - Trigger
Pause menu - Menu Button Oculus Rift controls Movement on ground - Press Thumbsticks and swing arms
Interact / Grab - Trigger
Pause menu - Y or B

Note on Rift support - 360 degree tracking is recommended but not essential





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