Flip the Table (PC)

Do you sometimes feel like you just want to Flip the Table? Does your boss deserve some table flipping? Or is it just that you're out of coffee and want to throw a tantrum?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, or even if you didn’t, this game is for you!

Flip the Table is a physics-based, ultimate stress relieving virtual reality game where your objective is to flip the table and break as much stuff as you can. After a long day or just for fun you can now destroy things without getting a huge bill!

Five different levels for all your daily needs: From your own kitchen to your boss’s office and beyond, there are five different locations where you can let out your emotions with different items and props.
Break stuff, get points: Double the satisfaction by getting points from breaking stuff! Better than real life, huh? Get rated from one to three stars and try to beat your high score.
Equipment to ease your craving for total annihilation: Baseball bats, ice buckets and even dynamite to help you smash, bash and wreck your way to victory!


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