Rocket Armor (PC)

This is newly developed and experimental high-speed flight maneuvering gear. The boys in the lab tell me it's safe, but there's nothing else like it in the world so... we need more data. That's where you come in. Congratulations, you're the Alpha Pilot!

We've installed automated leaderboards on every course, so try and break some airspeed records while you're out there and don't miss any checkpoints! Enemy mines will attempt to slow you down, but you won't be defenseless. Each thruster is equipped with a petawatt laser. Be careful though; the lasers generate a lot of heat, so the engineers also added "15-meter carbon fiber telescoping bayonets for close-proximity acrobatic combat." How and when you use these armaments -- well that's your call.

The manual also says the armor has an overdrive mode. "Activate both thrusters simultaneously to temporarily increase your speed and air control. WARNING: Thrusters will generate enormous quantities of heat when operating at 300% capacity."

Finally, there's a pool going back at the lab. I told the boys you're tougher than any armor they can plate this monstrosity with. So try and use the environment to your advantage if you can. The armor should hold up. Hopefully.

Suit up, Pilot. Your Rocket Armor is ready for its first test flight!

Key Features

• Realistic rocket powered free flight (using hand controllers), designed and engineered specifically for VR – controlled speed, full maneuverability

• Dynamic gameplay with multiple, increasingly difficult levels over constantly changing terrain

• Gameplay involves flying through ring structures and touching down on platforms over a timed course, fighting off enemy mines that can disrupt your flight path

• Laser and sword weapons enable fast-paced 3D combat with swarm AI enemy

• Offline leaderboard tracking allows you to see your competitive position based on your time over the course

• Original, dramatic soundtrack works to increase the pilot’s sense of immersion and excitement

• Alpha Pilot certification is earned on completion of the 10 levels, qualifying the pilot for future Rocket Armor missions and adventures which are currently in development


Illusion Foundry Inc.



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