The Prime MoVR (PC)

The Prime MoVR is an upcoming competitive online God-Game RTS hybrid for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Build and command vast armies in god-on-god warfare, utilize devastating powers through an interactive casting system, or take direct control of the Construct for a more personal level of destruction. Each of the three paths has its own pros and cons, it's up to you to react to your enemy’s tactics and destroy their Godhood to achieve victory and solidify your place as a god.
Upgrade PathsCombine three different ways to play to create your own unique strategy.

Recruit five distinct classes of units, each with two different sub-classes to upgrade into. With different advantages and disadvantages, choose who you build carefully to counter your opponent.

Realize your strength as you upgrade powers within the five elements; Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, and Aether. With abilities tailored both to enhancing your units and means of production as well as destroying the enemy, you are able to choose powers that specifically complement your strategy.

Take control of a colossal golem with two skills to upgrade into for each part of its body; the hands, the head, the base, and the core. A fully upgraded Construct is a formidable force that can annihilate entire armies with its potent arsenal of attacks.
UltimatesEach of the upgrade paths culminates in a devastatingly powerful ultimate.

Followers - The Awoken
Harnessing the same Aether that gives the gods their powers, the Awoken burns multiple enemies at long range, dealing massive damage. The use of it's Unmaking ability allows The Awoken to phase into any object and destroy it from within.

Powers - Transcendence
Choose from three abilities depending on your strategy.
Overcharge - Increase your rate of devotion gain tremendously for a time, allowing you to unleash an onslaught of your powers without reserve.
Waltz of the Breathless - Summon an army of powerful undead at your feet that provide a potent front-line for both attacking and defending.Cataclysm - Char the land in an area from within, burning the crops and drying the lakes. This will stop all income production in that area for the remainder of the game, crippling your enemy's economy.
Construct - Aether Nova
Both the most devastating ability in the game, and the riskiest. Discharging the Aether in the Construct's Core, the construct destroys itself and deals it's current HP in damage to every building and unit in a massive area, including your own.

There are many more features that will be announced as we complete them, stay tuned for further news!


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