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Qumi Qumi
Qumi Qumi
Let’s say you have a great video content and people love it. After they watched your film, animation or TV series, they probably gone forever.

We invent the whole new way to engage with the audience again and again with our Seriogal™ technology.

Using our VR video platform, you can add various scenario developmemts, Easter Eggs, loops and make seamless shifts from one scenario branch to another.

In our demo you can see how Qumi Qumi heroes make their choice where to go: one goes to one portal and the second one to another. Where your character will go? It totally depends on where the user, the consumer of the VR video is watching. Using our VR video editor you can create your own multi-scenario videos with different types of the choice. And moreover, you automatically get the app for it! Later you can add new scenarios and developments and your audience will get back to the content again and again!


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